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Zany fake nude pictures of Heather

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

We all know how beautiful Heather Locklear is and we also know how many guys out there truly adore this Hollywood bombshell. And since Heather is one fiery sex siren, there are some who are not content with just seeing her posing in a sexy dress or bikini and they would search all around cyberspace to find her elusive nude pictures, and if they’re not successful, they would resort to using Photoshop and come up with their own personalized fake nude picture of Heather and live out their lurid fantasies by staring at her pic and wanking all day! But unfortunately, not all of ‘em fake nude pics are as convincing as they seem to be and it turned out to be a comic relief and now you get to see a badly-done and naked Heather!

No offense guys but these are simply hilarious and downright outrageous that you would know how “desperate” these people are and they did not give justice to Heather’s pretty face nor that alluring naked body they used to come up with their own pics for their “personal needs”. Just click here and get to see more of these wacky fake nude pictures of Heather only at Heather Locklear Nude.