I do not like Tea Leoni one bit !

February 13th, 2017 by christian

I was searching around on the gossip news sites as I so often do, when I fell over this slut Tea Leoni’s personal blog
And what a slut man, if you look at her blog and see the crazy shit she does you can hardly believe it. Check for example this thread where she goes topless
I mean our ver own beloved Heather Locklear would never do shit like that, thats for sure. So Let me know in the comments below what you think of this shit.

Heather Locklear doing 69 on a massage table

December 1st, 2016 by J

While trying her hand on a new hobby, which is pleasuring people through this holistic thingy program, Heather Locklear gets a ton of tips from clients who request for some extra ‘pampering’.

Naughty Heather Locklear enjoying 69 on a massage table

Show her a thick stash of cash and an even thicker stiff cock and you’ll find yourself naked on the massage table, your dick inside Locklear’s mouth and her wet cunt on your face. She’d do a 69 after giving a sensual massage and blows on a shaft while you eat her drippin’ wet pussy. It’s pretty worth every tip you shell out if it means going home high on pleasure and satisfaction, eh?

Cougar Heather Locklear drilled in her bunghole

July 14th, 2016 by J

Hardcore cougar Heather Locklear gets ass-fucked

Heather Locklear need not beg for any man to fuck her rough but this dude who’s so much younger than she is knows how to play and needed her to beg over and over to get her ass stuffed by him. It’s a huge turn on for this lad that he’d automatically jump from limp to super hard the moment Locklear opens her legs wide. Locklear would moan with pleasure with every deep thrustand though she’s having a tough time catching her breath, she still got the energy to make her lover cum loads!

Heather Locklear spanking her bitch’s tight ass

March 15th, 2016 by J

At the start of her career, Heather Locklear pledged in two sororities but never gotten into the initiation part. I guess this hardcore spanking video will tell us why. As it turns out, she ain’t the type of chick who likes getting dominated. Just like how she likes her sexual plays. She enjoys these more whenever she’s the one in control. May it be a man or a woman partner, she prefers to hold the whip and do the hitting. But of course this would mean a mutual understanding about the roles they have to play inside the bedroom.

Heather Locklear’s spanking fest

Just like this sexy girlfriend of hers who has one of the most meaty and firm ass you’ll see on the web. She knows her butt cheeks are meant to be spanked and this is exactly what you’ll watch in this clip. Plus, Heather and her friend here are both delish in those sexy black lingerie. Curves and all, juicy juggs and round asses, they make a perfect pair for this wild show. Heather looking like one naughty domme, pleasuring this busty bitch and taking pleasure when she hears her beg for more. They were both enjoying the pleasures and now you understand why Heather isn’t up for being the one on the other end of the rope, so to speak. She likes to be in charge, pushing and pulling. Guess not all blondes are stupid to just lie there and take the beating, eh?

Blonde bombshell Heather Locklear go wild in an interracial fuck fest

February 29th, 2016 by J

You admired this hot blonde woman in Melrose Place, fantasized about even. Who wouldn’t? She’s the perfect example of a blonde beauty that anyone would like to spend some naughty time with. Heather Locklear has had two husbands in the past and this goes to show that she ain’t someone to simply give up on love and all its benefits when it fails the first time quite easy. Or another reason for another shot at marriage would be to give all her sexual desires to a man who’d eventually give her an equally gorgeous blonde daughter who is now a grown teen and clearly resembling the same fine appeal as her mom’s.

Heather Locklear in an interracial fuck fest

She had years of hot and meaningful sex with hubbies but this video of her being so free tells a different story. She didn’t want just one man or two, she needed a bunch of them all at the same time and together in bed. She may have gone totally gaga over the years, probably because of the failed marriages, but she’s dealing with all the pent up energy to keep her slim body as desirable as she can. This may be a leaked video or not but she’s not saying anything against whoever put her wild activities out there. Nevermind her teen when she knows the lil skank will grow up to be as wild as momma. All she cares about is that she’s having one hell of a time sucking and fucking these white and black men’s dicks and it pleases her. Her roles on TV and in real life aren’t too far off from each other since she’s one tease that could turn any man into a wild animal the moment she shows them what she can do inside the bedroom.

Heather Locklear’s Smoking Hot Fuck Photos

September 26th, 2010 by heather

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I’ve jerked off to Heather Locklear more than I’ve jerked off to any celebwhore in Hollywood. I guess it must be because I have a thing for golden-haired MILFs. I guess I’m not the only guy to have the hots for this Melrose Place vixen. Now I am more excited to jack off to images of Heather’s sweet pussy because here are some leaked Heather Locklear sex photos.

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This cougar is fucking wild! What I like about these pics is that this is exactly what it looks like when I fantasize about her. The sight of Heather Locklear’s pink pussy being fucked is enough to make my dick hard as a rock. Just look at her lying on her tummy, totally naked while taking a fat cock in her sweet vagina. That is a sight I want to see in my dreams tonight.  Check out more of Heather Locklear fuck pictures over in this site! Keep those wads of spunk coming!

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Heather Locklear fingerfucking her pussy in the car

April 23rd, 2010 by heather

If there’s one thing fascinating about the world of Hollywood, it’s that time when you find out that some of these stars we least expect to be wild turns out to be more than we imagine them to be. My friends and I were walking  down the block in our street in LA when we saw a crowd of paparazzis swarming all over a car. When we got closer we were shocked to see Heather Locklear…this oozing with hotness cougar who I’ve jacked off a few times when I was younger…in the car…legs spread wide and fingerfucking her juicy cunt. She looked totally drunk off her ass in the back seat. I guess I wasn’t really suprised she was drunk she’s got a  record of DUI in the past but this was totally beyond anything I expected.

She told one of my friends to hop in the car to drive her somewhere and the fours of us more than happily obliged. With the paps on our tail, we drive as fast to this house not far from our street. We got off and went into this huge house. Well it turned out to be the luckiest day of my life because there happened to be a wild orgy party. Heather was fucking wild! In minutes after we arrived she was already on all fours, getting her pussy fucked in different positions as we all watched. My friend took a pic from his camera and well…as you can see…this was one night we, and the whole world of Hollywood would never forget.

Sleazy hardcore photos with the lovely Heather Locklear

July 23rd, 2008 by heather

This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for! So guys, get those dicks ready and have that small bottle of lube at your side because we have right now the most hard-pounding, explicit and sizzling hardcore photos of Heather Locklear that we have gathered from all around Pornsville! Get to see this stunning actress get all sleazy and naughty behind the cameras as she sucks and fucks with these lucky bastards inside her bedroom. Heather surely digs fucking and she wants it hard and long, but make sure that you dunk your spunk all over her and she guarantees you that you’ll be one happy motherfucker as she spreads her legs and ass cheeks and get your wangs plugging into her hungry, gaping fuck holes.

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Zany fake nude pictures of Heather

July 23rd, 2008 by heather

We all know how beautiful Heather Locklear is and we also know how many guys out there truly adore this Hollywood bombshell. And since Heather is one fiery sex siren, there are some who are not content with just seeing her posing in a sexy dress or bikini and they would search all around cyberspace to find her elusive nude pictures, and if they’re not successful, they would resort to using Photoshop and come up with their own personalized fake nude picture of Heather and live out their lurid fantasies by staring at her pic and wanking all day! But unfortunately, not all of ‘em fake nude pics are as convincing as they seem to be and it turned out to be a comic relief and now you get to see a badly-done and naked Heather!

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Heather Locklear is smoking with her nude pictures

July 23rd, 2008 by heather

Listen up Heather Locklear fans! We have a big surprise for all of you and we have finally uncovered a treasure trove of hot nude pictures of your favourite idol and she is damn hot! Your long-time dream of having to see her in the nude has finally come true and we are sharing this photo set for all of you to enjoy! Heather is truly one hot babe as she poses provocatively in front of the cameras while displaying her succulent tits and sweet pussy, this blonde babe knows how to tease men with her sexy body and she’s doing it with style.

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